“…a spellbinding play…”

“Like Gershwin's ‘Porgy and Bess,’ MARTIN GUERRE is a wonderful folk opera. From the opening scene of workers in a wheat field to its tragic high-drama ending, Martin Guerre is a spellbinding play - quite possibly the finest play to come to Hartford Stage since the epic ‘Peer Gynt.‘“

The Bristol Press

“…an ecletic mix…”

“Ames' score is an eclectic mix of heady atavistic rhythms, jaunty counterpoint, and meaty ballads with an intriguing melodic tension that validates the characters' turmoil.”

New York Newsday


MARTIN GUERRE is in a class by itself. By definition this beautiful musical tragedy is not an opera; every word is not sung. But the scope of the production is so immense, the music so powerful, that it comes close in spirit and greatness to opera. It is a formidable musical work no matter what you call it. Treat yourself to this theatre masterpiece.

— The Hartford Courier


“Joyous, exuberant work... the crowd was on its feet...”

Washington Star

“Ames’ REQUIEM FOR OUR TIME is a significant addition to the choral repertoire…”

Washington Post


“MARTIN GUERRE is emotionally relentless... takes your breath away... a must-see.”

Stamford Advocate

“Guerre Triumphs in Hartford…”

The Hartford Stage Company's world premiere of MARTIN GUERRE is brilliant theatre... Roger Ames has composed a score that often erupts with the sound and passion of Orff's "Carmina Burana”.

The News-Times